February Newsletter 2016

Terraquarbor February Newsletter

Start planning for spring!

I just saw my first crocus of the season, popping its pale blue head through the leaves. Even though there is snow in the forecast for tonight & tomorrow, it’s been unseasonably warm and you may have noticed bulbs sprouting in your garden. Just keep them covered with mulch or leaves and they’ll handle the cold just fine.

We are starting cold weather crops under grow lights including 6 varieties of kale! I think we might be a little obsessed, we love to eat it and the frilled leaves look great in mixed container plantings. We will be pairing it with red lettuce and pansies for early spring color, both beautiful & edible!

Are you growing fruit trees and berry brambles? It’s time to start dormant pruning this month before the buds begin to swell. Prune your trees low and wide so the branches have plenty of air circulation and the fruit will be easier to harvest. Check your berry bushes and remove any old canes and prune so they aren’t too crowded. Unsure of what to cut? We are here to help with any of your dormant pruning needs.

– Damean Snyder, president Terraquarbor

PS. We are available 24/7 in the event of a tree emergency or snow storm just give us a call!


If you refer someone to Terraquarbor and they sign up for any of our services over $500 you will receive a $50 credit towards your contracted or new services.

Offer valid through May 31st, 2016

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