Organic Lawn Care

Is your lawn looking tired? It’s time to schedule a consultation with our lawn rejuvenation specialists. Our organic lawn care program is safe for people, pets, & the environment. We strive to use organic methods on a daily basis, because that’s what we believe is best for the health of our planet.

4 Step Organic Lawn Care Program 

Terraquarbor uses university tested organic lawn care methods that increase the health and vigor of your lawn & soil.  Our  4-step program uses slow-release organic fertilizers & compost to keep your lawn looking green.  Many companies rely on a heavy diet of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Over fertilization is detrimental to soil health and essentially makes your lawn dependent on synthetic chemicals.  Most of this fertilizer actually ends up as runoff which pollutes our waterways.


Apply an organic, slow-release fertilizer.  Use organic corn gluten to prevent crabgrass if this is a problem in your yard.  If we are not applying a crabgrass preventer, we recommend over-seeding and aerating your lawn at this time.

Early Summer

Apply an organic slow-release fertilizer formulated for the summer months.  We do not recommend fertilizing during the late summer months because cool-season grasses essentially go dormant during this time.  If grubs are a problem in your yard, we will apply an organic biocontrol which specifically targets Japanese beetle grubs.

Early Fall

Apply organic slow-release fertilizer.  Over-seed and aerate your lawn. Cool-season grass seed grows best when nights get cooler and fall rains are more abundant.  Overseeding creates a lush, thick lawn which naturally crowds out weeds.

Late Fall/Winterizer

Apply a organic slow-release fertilizer formulated to stimulate root growth.  Grass roots continue to grow until the ground freezes solid.  Deep, healthy roots create a more drought resistant lawn.
Lime: This increases the soil pH and makes nutrients more available to your lawn.  However, we recommend having a free soil test done before having this treatment.  Your pH should be 6.5 -7.0.  Applying too much lime can also be a bad thing, making nutrients unavailable.  Lime can be applied any time of year.

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